Cozumel 2012 Preparation

With the lack of attention I’ve given this website over the last year, it would be apt to rename it Ross’ Cozumel Blog. Well, here goes another Cozumel themed post, this time for Cozumel 2012!

This year we’ve got 15 divers coming down to Blue Angel Resort in Cozumel; for 7 of them, this will be their first time diving in Open Water! The rest of us have a big week ahead as well, with Night, Deep and PPB specialties running through the week, along with a Rescue Diver Course and my own Emergency First Responder Instructor course.

The 2011 U of A Scuba Appreciation Club ready for another boat dive!

When you are packing, remember that I put together a kick-ass to-do list, and if you’re looking to read a little bit more about the Cozumel experience check out the Blue Angel Scuba School’s blog and one recent traveller’s thoughts on a her trip to the area. Our guidebook can be downloaded to assuage our friends and family and strike jealousy into their hearts!

Cozumel 2011 Recap

My experiences with the U of A Scuba club in Cozumel were resoundingly successful – so much so that I’m taking on the planning of next year’s trip! I didn’t post as much as I’d wanted to, so here are some of the other fun things we did while we were in Mexico.

Extremely soft sand near Coconut's bar.

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Cozumel 2011: Tuesday Photodump

Not much to say. Enjoy.

Cozumel 2011: Update Uno

Nolan and I have been in Mexico for a few days now and we’ve been busy! Monday was a training day for me, and I completed my Peak Performance Buoyancy dives. On Tuesday both Nolan and I did four dives in front of Blue Angel; completing half of our Fish ID and Underwater Naturalist courses, along with half of my Underwater Photographer dives:

A Conch shell and bottle on the Blue Angel shore dive
A Sharp Tail Eel hunts among debris on the sandy bottom
A peaceful Yellow Ray that I accidentally disturbed displaying his spine
A Spotted Eel watches curiously from his hidey-hole

Nolan did his first night dive with me, followed by massages on the beach to cap things off.

On Tuesday we rented a vehicular death-trap: the Tuk-Tuk, and did a tour of the island, stopping at the San Gervasio ruins, and continuing on to the east side of the island to see Coconuts bar and the beaches.  Thursday morning we got up early and headed back to a beach on the east coast to watch the sunrise. The Tuk-Tuk was returned (thank Ixchel!) sans incident, except for running out of gas that left us stranded no less than a single block from the gas station.

Here’s a picture from the Prima Trattoria restaurant on Wednesday morning to give you guys a better look at the downtown and port of Cozumel.

The view from the Prima Trattoria of downtown Cozumel