Cozumel 2011: Are You Excited Yet?

The clock is slowly counting down the hours before my trip to Cozumel gets underway, and every minute closer to the departure I get the more excited!

Instead of the 12 divers we had originally planned to host on the trip, we’ve now expanded to 15 divers and one non-diver. Of those divers coming, eleven will be doing some form of training or another: one divemaster course completion, five advanced open water divers, four night specialties, three deep specialties, two search and recovery specialties, one emergency oxygen provider specialty, one nitrox diver specialty, one underwater naturalist specialty, one peak performance buoyancy specialty, one digital underwater photography specialty, and one fish identification specialty. If you compare that to last year’s trip, where we completed four advanced open water certifications and one night diver specialty, you can see why I’m so excited!

The weather there looks pleasant enough too.

UW Laser

I finished putting together the UW laser/UV light combo, and the laser bit works pretty well. I’m really excited to try it at depth; green light is progressively filtered out with depth, so this thing should appear to get brighter the deeper I go!