Cozumel 2011: Are You Excited Yet?

The clock is slowly counting down the hours before my trip to Cozumel gets underway, and every minute closer to the departure I get the more excited!

Instead of the 12 divers we had originally planned to host on the trip, we’ve now expanded to 15 divers and one non-diver. Of those divers coming, eleven will be doing some form of training or another: one divemaster course completion, five advanced open water divers, four night specialties, three deep specialties, two search and recovery specialties, one emergency oxygen provider specialty, one nitrox diver specialty, one underwater naturalist specialty, one peak performance buoyancy specialty, one digital underwater photography specialty, and one fish identification specialty. If you compare that to last year’s trip, where we completed four advanced open water certifications and one night diver specialty, you can see why I’m so excited!

The weather there looks pleasant enough too.

Cozumel 2011

I’ve been assigned to organise the Cozumel trip in February 2011, for the U of A Scuba Club and I’m happy to announce that we are now taking bookings! We have 12 spots open this year, up from 8 last year, and already we have 6 bookings! The trip is half full and we have over 6 months to fill the rest. If the trip fills up before the end of August, we will open up a few additional spots. For a quick overview of the trip, check out my post Cozumel 2010. To keep up to date with the trip details, all of the information here is updated on the U of A Scuba’s Website: few of the details have changed from last year, but hit the read more link to get the rest of the goodies!

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Cozumel 2010

Now that classes are done, allow me to astound you with an account of our aquatic adventure in Cozumel this February! The trip was organised by the University of Alberta’s SCUBA Appreciation Club through Ocean Sports in Edmonton and the Blue Angel Dive Resort in Cozumel. Let’s just cut to the chase, it was a FANTASTIC trip. Our smiles alone should tell all, but if you’d like to read more, hit the link below.

Courtesy of Ahmed A.

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Actun Tunichil Muknal Recap

Actun Tunichil Mukal was absolutely my favourite part of my Mayan Adventure. I can’t believe I didn’t write a post about this while I was on my trip. Blame it on my inability to find an internet cafe in San Ignacio. That or spending too much time at a bar called Faya Wata:

Mexico 2008 999

The ATM cave was so cool that I’m going to hit you with a read more link to get the rest of the goodness, see you after the jump!

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Mayan Adventure Trip Roundup

It’s been a year since my trip and I’m itching to write down my last thoughts on my Mayan Adventure so I can start planning my next big undertaking. The trip spanned 22 days, 3 countries and countless adventures. Because of the unreliable internet and the fact that I didn’t bring a computer along with me, I posted relatively few of the over 1500 pictures I took over the course of the trip. In the gallery below, I’ve selected some of my favourite pictures from the trip to help supplement the writing that I did. Hit the read more link below the picture to read my final impressions and see the photo gallery.

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