Cozumel 2011

I’ve been assigned to organise the Cozumel trip in February 2011, for the U of A Scuba Club and I’m happy to announce that we are now taking bookings! We have 12 spots open this year, up from 8 last year, and already we have 6 bookings! The trip is half full and we have over 6 months to fill the rest. If the trip fills up before the end of August, we will open up a few additional spots. For a quick overview of the trip, check out my post Cozumel 2010. To keep up to date with the trip details, all of the information here is updated on the U of A Scuba’s Website: few of the details have changed from last year, but hit the read more link to get the rest of the goodies!

Credit Ahmed Alhani

We’ve been working hard on making this trip very affordable for students and members of the U of A Scuba Club and we’re happy to announce that the price this year will be $650 which includes all hotel costs, diving costs (not including rentals) and breakfasts for 7 nights at Blue Angel Resort. To break it down a little further, the details are as follows:

– 7 nights at Blue Angel Resort in a shared room (choice of roommate available, added cost for a single room)
– 7 buffet style breakfasts at Blue Angel’s amazing restaurant (note: this isn’t a cheap continental breakfast; bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit, coffee, etc… are all served!)
– 10 boat dives on Cozumel’s protected reef, along with unlimited shore diving

The dates for the trip correspond with U of A’s spring break, which falls between February 20th and 27th for the 2010/2011 academic year. The days are are also nicely aligned with a Westjet Edmonton to Cozumel direct flight, which avoids many of the travelling pitfalls we experienced last year due to travelling through the US. In any case, you are free to choose your own flights, but if you’re interested in staying up to date with deals, I will be looking for specials on the Westjet flights mentioned previously. At the moment, these regularly priced flights are about $450 each way, or $900 total. I expect to get these flights half-price when the come on sale towards the end of the summer. In terms of renting gear, our sponser Ocean Sports is providing us with a fabulous rental deal over the course of the week. For last years trip, all told the rental was around $100.

Additional meals at Blue Angel’s restaurant are extremely affordable. If prices remain similar to last year, you can eat happily and healthily over those 7 days for about $200 per person (about $15 per meal). I highly recommend this option, because it takes a load off in terms of planning, shopping for and storing groceries when on Cozumel Island.

A conservative estimate puts the trip cost around $1850 plus certification fees, although this can be as low as $1500 if a good deal on flights comes around. If you know you’d like to join us on the trip, please contact me using this address ( so I can arrange payment of your deposit to Ocean Sports through Megan Plemel ( Please feel free to address me directly with any questions. I hope you decide to come, it’s a ton of fun!

Here are a couple of images from last year that might entice you a little… This first one is a group shot on our last day in the dive shop where we’d store our gear and get set up for our daily dives.

Here’s a shot of the restaurant with the dive shop below. The view from the hotel is incredible: facing west you can see the sun set every day, along with the ocean and multiple cruise ships that amble by to stock the island’s resorts with eager tourists.Credit Ahmed Alhani

A group shot on the boat, taken candidly. We’re on our way back from two dives.

Enjoying some local entertainment while out for dinner in downtown Cozumel.Credit Ahmed Alhani

Preparing for a night dive off the beach at the resort.

Heading into the darkness!