Into the Highlands

Last time I gave you guys an updated we were heading into the jungles of Palenque. We visited the ancient Mayan ruins there and I’m pleased to present you with a picture of them:Mexico 2008 524

Because we’ve been traveling such a long distance these past few days, we stopped at a few waterfalls along the way:

Mexico 2008 545

Mexico 2008 566

And then we arrived in San Cristobal and visited some of the outlying villages with indigenous Mayans peoples, and we got to see how they made their livings and some of their religious beliefs:

Mexico 2008 592

Mexico 2008 584

Anyway, that’s enough pictures for today. I’ve been smuggling them onto this computer because there’s some obscure rule that you can’t connect photographic cameras for the purpose of uploading pictures (but I’m sure it’s okay to use a card reader for the same task). We’re going into Guatemala tomorrow, so give me a few days to find the internet before you mount an anti-guerrilla rescue operation!