Mayan Adventure Trip Roundup

It’s been a year since my trip and I’m itching to write down my last thoughts on my Mayan Adventure so I can start planning my next big undertaking. The trip spanned 22 days, 3 countries and countless adventures. Because of the unreliable internet and the fact that I didn’t bring a computer along with me, I posted relatively few of the over 1500 pictures I took over the course of the trip. In the gallery below, I’ve selected some of my favourite pictures from the trip to help supplement the writing that I did. Hit the read more link below the picture to read my final impressions and see the photo gallery.

Mexico 2008 339

You can click any of the pictures to enlarge, and read a brief description of each one. If I had to say only one thing about my trip it would be this: I had an amazing time and there is more for me to learn in this part of the world. I will be going back time after time. There is one thing that I would have changed about the trip: either I would have done the whole thing without the benefit of the GAP tour company, or I would have brought along someone who could have joined me for the tour. Without the benefit of a partner in crime, it was a bit awkward being alone in a tour group.

On to the gallery! Enjoy!