Packing Inventory

This is my last post before I head to the airport! I will try to update the blog either in Denver, or when I arrive in Cancun!! Wish me luck!!

I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of things I packed so that I can be better prepared at answering questions about what to pack on a similar trip. By the time I finish my trip I will, of course, have a better idea of what I shouldn’t have taken. Click the more tab for the details…

Mexico 2008 001


I kept my clothing to a minimum, mostly because fashion doesn’t tend to bother me when there are more important factors to take into account, like space, weight and how awesome something is. In this case I will be making do with:
-3 T-shirts
-3 pairs of shorts (two of those function as swimming gear)
-1 pair of pants
-1 sweater
-1 light rain jacket
-2 pairs of socks
-5 pairs of underwear
-Running/hiking shoes
-Calculator watch with alarm (used for exchange/bartering)

All of those get packed away in a small organizing cube that has two sides, one for clean clothes and the other side for dirty clothes. (Tip: I also packed laundry sheets so that I smell clean, even when I’m not!)


Just so that it’s clear, my towel and cloth don’t count as “clothing”, so they will be included here. As usual most items were selected for being compact, but not necessarily lightweight, since I’m not the type to skimp on hygiene.
-Compact travel towel
-Silk sleeping bag liner
-Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
-Insect Repellent
-SPF 45 sunscreen
-Compact deodorant
-Travel shaving oil and razor
-Shampoo, bodywash, and laundry detergent
-Fingernail clippers
-Small flashlight

First Aid/Medicine

Because I’m traveling to a region of the world that is pretty hostile to one’s digestive tract, I took my doctor’s advice and packed a number of prescription and non-prescription goodies for most eventualities along the way. I also packed enough first-aid supplies to be “that guy”…
-Diarrhea meds, like Immodium, Ciprofloxacin and re-hydration powder: Gastrolyte
-Anti-malaria medication: Novo-Chloroquine
-Extra-strength Tylenol
-Cold-FX, for cold prevention
-Aquatabs, for emergency water purification
-Misc first aid stuff like band-aids, bandages, antibiotic-ointment, etc.
-Duct-tape, superglue, safety pins, needle and thread

I was also shot up with the Hep B and Typhoid shot, Vivaxim.


There will be times when you need a big of a break from how awesome Mexico is, which is why I packed:
-Misc physics/science toys for children, things like magnifying glasses, twirly propellers, funky glasses, foam airplanes, and stickers. I figured that I was interested in science early on because I had access to most of those ultra-cool toys.
-“Smoke and Mirrors” by Neil Gaiman
-Waterproof digital camera, Olympus Stylus 850 SW
-GPS device, Garmin GPSmap CSx
-Travel Journal and Notepad
-Waterproof bags and ziplocks

Explicit Exemptions

Things I didn’t pack, but may regret not having:
-Mosquito net

Of course, I explicitly left out what/how I will be carrying in terms of personal identification/cash/etc, for obvious reasons, I do have two cable locks that I can use to secure my belongings. If there’s anything missing I will be doing a post-trip analysis of all the items I brought along with me to see how they faired in the big scheme of the trip. As you can see, everything fit in nicely, and I’ve got plenty of room for tequila hammocks and souvenirs!

Mexico 2008 002

Mexico 2008 003