The Adventure Begins

I didn’t have a chance to write about yesterday’s excursion to Chichen Itza, and to keep from boring you with a bunch of ruinous pictures I’m going to show you one, and only one, that I think captures my fascination with the ancient Mayans:

Mexico 2008 216

As you can probably guess, I chose this picture because it shows many of the technologies that the Mayans developed. The key ones here are the arch, which is very different from the Greek and Roman inventions of the same technology. And the other technology is the Observatory, which is also vastly different, and in many respects supierior to the same technology possessed by the Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese, Eygptians…etc.

Because the internet is so brutally slow here, and I’m paying by the minute, I’m going to give you one more picture that sums up what I did today:

Mexico 2008 288

That’s right, we went for a swim in ‘Los 3 Cenotes’, which are giant limestone sinkholes/caves that have freshwater rivers flowing through them, although you can’t feel any current when you’re swimming. Again, I’ve got a ton of great pictures from today, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait for them.

Just a note, while I’m in Palenque, there will be no internet, since jungles don’t have internet.